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    2018 Employment Law Update

    Date: September 20, 2018, 6:00pm – 8:30pm
    Sussex Warren Human Resources Management Association
    Holiday Inn
    1000 International Drive
    Budd Lake, NJ 07028
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    While many of you have been trying to enjoy your summer vacations, our friends in Washington and Trenton, and throughout our courts have been busy creating new laws, regulations and precedents to make out live as HR professional, even more interesting and challenging. To help you understand and navigate these new challenges, the Sussex Warren Human Resources Management Association will be presenting their annual Employment Law Update (register here). The panel of two highly seasoned Attorneys and one senior HR/Benefits Professional will address a wide range of pressing issues currently facing New Jersey employers and human resources professionals.

    The 2018 Employment Law Update will focus on the following issues:

    I. Health Insurance – Update from the Front Lines

    Bill Spigonardo will address current issues for HR Professionals arising from the challenging 2018 healthcare landscape, including an update on relevant laws and regulations affecting employers and important trends that should be closely monitored moving forward.

    2.  Immigration Law Update

    Immigration is a critical and evolving subject that affects all employers.  Mr. Gilbert will provide a concise overview of what HR Professionals need to know about this important and evolving area of law and how immigration issues directly impact their organizations.

    3.  Legal and Legislative Update

    Howard Vex will provide a comprehensive federal and state case law and legislative update geared to HR Professionals. 

    The first portion of the presentation will address the newly passed New Jersey Equal Pay Act and Paid Sick Leave Act and the requirements and related impacts of those laws.  Mr. Vex will then review new enforcement initiatives adopted by the Department of Labor, including increased scrutiny of employer designations of independent contractor status.  He will also summarize several bills currently pending before the New Jersey Legislature that could also have significant impact on New Jersey employers over the next year.

    The second portion of Mr. Vex’s presentation will provide a comprehensive federal and state case law update, addressing the following important legal issues for HR Professionals:

    • Enforceability of Employment Arbitration Agreements
    • Broader Interpretation of the FLSA Exemptions
    • Expansion of NJ CEPA Definition for “Adverse Action”
    • Limiting the Faragher-Ellerth Sexual Harassment Affirmative Defense
    • Employer Drug Testing and Medical Marijuana
    • A Crushing Blow to Public Sector Unions

    The Speakers include the following respected professionals:

     Paul N. Gilbert, Esq. – Immigration Attorney

    Paul Gilbert served for over five years as an Attorney for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and, for the past three decades, his private law practice had focused extensively on immigration and nationality law.  Mr. Gilbert brings more than 35 years of extensive legal experience and insight regarding this interesting and evolving area of law.

     William Spigonardo, Benefits Specialist

    Bill Spigonardo is a Vice President with Frenkel Benefits, LLC., one of the largest privately held insurance brokers in the United States. Bill serves as an employee benefits broker and consultant with over 30 years of corporate benefits experience.  He had developed a broad and extensive expertise regarding employer health benefits and related issues.

      Howard A. Vex, Esq.  -  Moderator and Employment Law Attorney

    Mr. Vex is the founder and Senior Counsel at Vex Law, LLC, specializing in labor and employment law and Litigation.  Mr. Vex and also serves as Of-Counsel with Becker, LLC, the nation’s leading Law Firm for the staffing industry.  Mr. Vex brings 27 years of legal experience and insight representing management in all areas of labor and employment law and litigation.