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    October 2019 Dinner - Dark Side of Employee Relationships: Stereotypes, Prejudices and Biases

    Date: October 17, 2019, 6:00pm
    Sussex Warren Human Resources Management Association
    Holiday Inn
    1000 International Drive
    Budd Lake, NJ 07028
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    Dark Side of Employee Relationships: Stereotypes, Prejudices and Biases

    This workshop has been approved for 1.5 SHRM PDCs and 1.5 HRCI Credits

    Along with society today, our workforce is also becoming rapidly diverse. In order to embrace and celebrate differences among employees, it is imperative for organizations to manage and promote diversity effectively by ensuring healthy professional relationships among employees. Since diversity and inclusion is such a vast topic, it is a good starting point to examine the human perception process and how our socialization and communication pigeonholes people who are different from us. This cognitive categorization leads to judgment, alienation, discrimination and harassment in extreme cases.

    The presentation will cover the dark side of communicating with people from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and national backgrounds—stereotypes, prejudice and biases. It will touch upon the characteristics of each of these, how to recognize them, their degrees or levels, what causes them and how to avoid them. This information will be particularly valuable for HR professionals because they will explore how stereotypes, prejudices and biases:

    • affect employees and their working relationships
    • impede effective communication among employees
    • influence morale, productivity and teamwork

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the implications of diversity and inclusion for HR
    • Learn how cultural values affect people’s behavior
    • Examine the relationship between perception and judgment 
    • Judgment types: Stereotypes, Prejudices, Biases
    • Recognize how stereotypes, prejudices and biases manifest in the workplace
    • Learn their causes and degrees, and how to avoid them
    • Explore diversity from a pragmatic standpoint, and how to move toward a more inclusive organizational climate

    Our Presenter:  

     Dr. Pratibha Kumar, Founder of Sungh Consultancy LLC

    Dr. Pratibha Kumar is the Founder of Sungh Consultancy LLC, a diversity and inclusion company in the Washington D.C./Baltimore metro region. She is also an Assistant Professor of Communication at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Public Discourse, and has been teaching and doing research for the last 15 years. Her teaching and research interests include diversity, immigration, multiculturalism and gender. Some of her research studies include: cultural differences among astronauts on the International Space Station, social change and reform in developing countries, immigration issues, Muslims and Islamophobia, etc.

    Dr. Kumar has written and presented papers at regional, national and international academic conferences as well as spoken at non-academic, community settings. Her forthcoming chapter titled, “Intersection of Race and Gender: Women of Color Leading Groups” will be published this fall in an edited book, Examining Social Identities and Diversity Issues in Group Therapy: Knocking at the Boundaries.

    Her terminal degree and academic appointments have given her access to the latest research on topics of diversity and inclusion. Organizations often use the phrase “diversity and inclusion” in a clichéd manner to check a box or receive funding. Dr. Kumar approaches diversity from the perspective of competence. She advocates for a shift from attitudinal to behavioral change—the ways in which organizational culture needs to move beyond awareness and apply knowledge to tangible actions. She is a current member of the Carroll County SHRM in Maryland.